Scope of Service

Overview of our services!

We provide a spectrum of top quality legal, consulting and outsourcing services to international corporations, individuals and investors. We are proud to deliver a wide range of services, including, but not limited to company formation, bank account opening, annual company management, boat registration, IT and trading consulting.

Company Formations

Worldwide company formation in 15+ jurisdictions around the globe

Company Formation

Euro Commerce LLC is an outsourcing company specialized in company formation process around the globe. We can assist with the formation process in 15+ jurisdictions in Europe, North and Central America, Asia and the Pacific Region. We are offering a cost-effective, rapid and simple solutions that would benefit your business and meet your international tax planning requirements.

Open Bank Account

Our team can provide a professional assistance with the account opening in many jurisdictions that are well known among the offshore community. The banks we cooperate with are reliable financial institutions with a long tradition in private and corporate banking. With our expertise in the field, based on your requirements, we are able to recommend the bank that would benefit your business the most.

Bank Account Opening

Pick from our many services such as corporate, personal or savings account, debit cards, online banking and more.

Annual Company Management

For our clients we manage offshore entities in many aspects of their development, including keeping your business in good standing.

Annual Company Management

Every International Business Company needs to be managed annually. Euro Commerce LLC is assisting clients with annual management and corporate governance. International entities need to cover relevant fees on a yearly basis in order for your business to stay active and in good standing.

Boat & Ship Registration

Vessel registration under prestigious Delaware banner with minimal costs and hassle.

Boat Registration

The greatest number of boats, ships and yachts in the world are registered in Delaware, United States. State of Delaware is one of the most convenient places on the market to register your vessel. The main reasons for the popularity of Delaware among vessel owners is a prestigious banner at a reasonable cost. All paperwork may be completed within days without vessel owner’s personal visit.

IT Outsorcing

Immediate benefits can be gained by outsourcing IT services through Managed Services. If you are planning an IT project, we can be a spare pair of hands or someone to help the planning and management of the work.

IT Services & Outsourcing

Providing support and outsourcing for IT professionals.

Trade & Consulting

We deliver professional consultation services designated to help grow your business.

Trade and Consulting

As international trade is becoming more complex, our professionals provide compliance programs to identify cost-effective solutions in order to grow your business. With a complete financial process methodology, we conduct projects with a successful outcome.